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Post Production for TV and Film

We have years of experience in High End TV and film audio post production. Drama, documentaries, commercials and film for theatrical and restricted release. We have also used our skills in the corporate sector and in sound design for theatre.

Look through the credits below and you will realise the wide range of productions we have worked on.

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What We Can Do For You

1Sound Design

This is the current term often applied to Sound post production. In reality it probably should only be used where a particular soundscape is being created for effect, but we'll go along with the term and say ‘yes, we do that’. From the picture edit to final sound track delivery, we can handle the whole or part of the process for you, except the music scoring.

2Dialogue Editing

More people complain about poor dialogue than fuzzy pictures! We've spent a lot of time listening to how people say things, so have a very clear idea about how meaning is best conveyed with the inflections of the voice. To do that we select alternative takes for individual words to make the best of the dialogue track.

We also have the technology to make your dialogue clearer. During production, if there was a noisy location the alternative only used to be ADR, but with recent technology we also have clean up tools which can save having to call actors back. See our dedicated page on Audio Repair for more information.

3Sound Effects Editing

This is also sometimes called sound design, but for the most part it is just the grunt work of making the soundtrack as natural as possible. Usually, so natural that people think we haven't done any work! That's the art. We do add whizz bang effects where they would help with the story or pictures though. We have a library with 10’s of thousands of effects to choose from so we can avoid the same old distant dog in the night scenes, and use different door sounds when there is more than one door.

Where necessary we work alongside the Foley artistes, but if the budget won't stretch to a dedicated team, we are quite capable of adding footsteps and clothing rustle.

4Audio Repair

Advances in technology means we can often repair, rather than replace, takes that might have been rejected on technical grounds. This saves time and money. Some of the software we have has been taught what the human voice sounds like, and so can extract dialogue from all sorts of noise. That's not just constant background noise like lighting hum, or a distant motorway, but clothes rustle from body worn mics and wind noise on the boom mic. See our dedicated page on Audio Repair for more information.

5Final Audio Mix

Coming from a background of mixing music live and in studios has taught the ability to balance all sorts of sounds together to make them sound really sweet. Also being attentive to surroundings when out and about means we have the ability to produce great mixes. Check out the links in the credits below for the productions we have mixed.

6ADR & Recording

You will see from our home page that we have an acoustically treated recording room, along with an acoustic shield for the mic if we need a completely isolated sound. Our experience covers recording voices as well as musical instruments, and of course, odds and ends for sound effects and Foley. We have a compliment of high quality mics from Schoeps, AKG, Aston and a portable Soundfield surround rig.

Picture of rear of cantrol room at The Digital Audio Co

What Our Clients Have To Say...

  • "Wicked job Dave, I have loaded in and sounds great."
    Tom Newman - Editor - We Go In At Dawn

    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston

  • "Dave Aston offers a film/tv drama service that is second to none just based on experience and credits they've been there and done it."
    Peter M Kershaw – Producer and Director - 20 Ways

    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston

  • "Just sent off the final file - many thanks, the clients are delighted. "we both think the sounds are perfect and add the extra dimension and character to it."
    Kath Shackleton - Producer - Fettle Animation

    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston

  • "All perfect!!!! Thanks. Brilliant!! It's a wrap!"
    Rebecca Peacock – Producer - Alicija

    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston

  • "It's wonderful. You've done the most amazing job."
    Denise Silvey - Producer - Jack and the Beanstalk Online Panto

    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston

  • "We have amazing news from Hollywood! “I wish I went to Ecuador” won Best International Animated Film at the prestigious Hollywood International Family Film Festival this weekend! Congratulations!!!"
    David Bunting - Producer - I Wish I Went To Equador

    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston

Picture of rear of cantrol room at The Digital Audio Co

You Can Trust Us

The Digital Audio Co is a partnership owned by Dave and Sharon Aston. Although the company is run on Christian principles, we are happy to work with all faiths and none. We are often the last creative process in the chain, and understand the responsibility and trust that clients place in us.

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