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Large Voice Room

We have a 4m x 3m acoustically treated room with non-reflective table. There is a choice of microphones which we select to suit what is being recorded. These include Schoeps, AKG, Aston and Soundfield. As well as voices, we have used the room to record drums and harp.


About Us

Dave Aston started out in the days before digital, working in music studios with the likes of Paul McCartney, George Martin, M, Level 42 and Anne Dudley. Seeing the world of audio changing he took a risk and bought one of the first AudioFile DAWs from AMS Neve. No expense was spared to obtain the best quality available and that is the same philosophy today. We still use hardware and software of the highest quality.

We want to work with you to obtain the best sound for your product. We listen to you as well as listening to the soundtrack.

Just think, you don't stay in the business this long without being good at what you do.
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We Do

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Listening and recording environment designed by Recording Architecture, with ATC speakers providing full range 5.1 monitoring.
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Make your Pod Casts, Audio Books and Facebook Videos stand out from the crowd by recording them with us. Not only will they sound professional, we will supply masters at a level optimised for your delivery platform.
Picture of rear of cantrol room at The Digital Audio Co

What Our Clients Have To Say...

  • "Wicked job Dave, I have loaded in and sounds great."
    Tom Newman - Editor - We Go In At Dawn

    Sound Post Production by Dave Aston

  • "The Fat Cats Master sounds amazing, brilliant job as always."
    George Stackhouse - Rawkus Redz

    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston

  • "Just sent off the final file - many thanks, the clients are delighted. "we both think the sounds are perfect and add the extra dimension and character to it."
    Kath Shackleton Producer - Fettle Animation

    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston

  • "By the way, the CD sounds absolutely awesome and the cover print has turned out beautifully accurate! Cheers"
    Phil Allen - The Idle Hands

    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston

  • "It's wonderful. You've done the most amazing job."
    Denise Silvey - Producer - Jack and the Beanstalk Online Panto

    Sound Post Production By Dave Aston

  • "Really pleased with the mastering, sounds really good."

    Audio Mastering by Dave Aston

Picture of rear of cantrol room at The Digital Audio Co

You Can Trust Us

The Digital Audio Co is a partnership owned by Dave and Sharon Aston. Although the company is run on Christian principles, we are happy to work with all faiths and none. We are often the last creative process in the chain, and understand the responsibility and trust that clients place in us.

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