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The credit card style CD was seen by many as the marketing success of the 90's. However, we are no longer able to supply credit card style CDs in either audio or Rom format. Can we suggest USB memory sticks as the current alternative.

There are a number of drawbacks with this type of disc (from any manufacturer), so following is a brief product description and reasons not to use them. 

How are they made?

Discs are created in one of two ways: moulding or stamping.


Whilst many people view Card CDs as a great marketing tool, we believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages: potential customers are likely to take a poor view of you if your presentation won't run, or worse, damages their player!

  1. All Card CDs fail to meet true specifications. The Phillips specification for CDs only covers 12cm discs. Card CDs are regarded as out of specification, so at least in theory Phillips could ask you to withdraw the discs as all manufacture is under license from them.
  3. Card CDs may fail to play or jam the player. The draws on many CDRom drives close so fast that the disc 'jumps' out of position. If this happens, one of the following will occur:
  1. Card CDs make many drives shake. Drive motors are designed to rotate 12 cm CDs so the 'ballistics' are wrong for the mush lighter credit card CDs. Many CDRom drives have difficulty maintaining data flow, leading to inconsistent playback speeds, and presentations / videos which freeze. Drives often make a noise a bit like a vacuum cleaner due to shaking as they try to track. This can be very disconcerting for users!
  3. Card CDs must not be used in 'slot' loading drives. Many newer PCs are coming fitted with DVD drives which are just a slot in the front of the machine. If any thing other than a 12 cm disc is inserted into these drives they will become jammed. You can put a disclaimer on the CD or packaging, but most users ignore these. The same applies to most car audio CD players.
  5. Cost. Card CDs are on average 3 - 10 times more expensive than an equivalent 12 cm CD!

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